Commercial Refrigeration

Growden Heating & Cooling offers customers the highest quality refrigeration maintenance and AC services in Western Maryland and surrounding areas.

Heating & AC should be the last thing you worry about in Western Maryland. We will keep your systems running efficiently, so your guests will be comfortable during their visit. Our experienced, trained technicians understand your restaurant equipment needs because we have been in business for 8 years serving the best restaurants around. We will minimize equipment downtime, minimize costly heating, air and refrigeration repairs and cut costs with regular maintenance. We will customize a regular scheduled maintenance contract to meet your needs. You can worry less about equipment failure and focus on growing your business.

There are many times we have seen refrigeration equipment break down because of the lack of attention and care required to keep it running efficiently. Keeping your equipment maintained is our number one priority so that you can maintain day to day operations while increasing the life span of your restaurant equipment. You will get quality service and products including receiving, delivery, installation and removal of equipment, quality workmanship by highly trained technicians, training and instruction on operation of equipment, and installations scheduled during a time that is convenient for you. We will also work on your repair or installation around your business hours so we do not interrupt business.

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